This is currently the official site for Guy A. Avellone, 2011 Bachelors of Architecture recipient from the School of Architecture at Louisiana State University.  You can call me Alex.  I am an advocate and designer of sustainable urbanity and cutting edge architecture, and I am currently an architect at WHLC Architecture in Baton Rouge (unless specified otherwise, nothing on this site is directly affiliated with WHLC).

This site is for public exploration, education, and communication, and is updated as I have time to update, which can be irregular.  The date attached to the home page post only indicates the last date that post was updated and does not correspond to the most recent update throughout the site, so don’t mind it – check for new stuff.

World Trade Center concept (4th version)

This site was setup in August of 2010 for ARCH5002 studio with professor Frank Melendez at LSU.  The intent was to post progress on studio projects and communicate with colleagues on studio project issues.  Rather than decommissioning the site after the semester ended, it was re-purposed for its current use.